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Chicago Cubs announce the signing of 30 draft picks

The Cubs announced that they have signed 30 of their 40 picks from the recently-completed draft

Michael McAvene
Michael McAvene
Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

The signing deadline for 2019 draft picks was Friday, July 12 and the Cubs announced that 30 of their 40 draft picks have signed a professional contract with the team.

The bad news is that the Cubs were one of only two teams not to sign all of their picks in the top ten rounds. Tenth-round pick Wyatt Hendrie, a catcher from Antelope Valley Junior College in California, chose not to sign. It was the first time since 2011, which predates the current Theo Epstein administration and the current bonus pool system, that the Cubs have not signed all of their picks in the top 10 rounds.

Eleventh-round pick shortstop Mack Chambers also did not sign. The Cubs signed every other pick from rounds 1 to 9 and 12 to 32. The picks in the final eight rounds did not sign.

Although teams never confirm bonus amounts, first-round pick RHP Ryan Jensen got a reported $2 million bonus, which was $570,000 under the slot value for that pick. That, along with a few other under slot deals in the first ten rounds, allowed the Cubs to sign the following draft picks for over-slot deals:

6th-round pick C Ethan Hearn. Reported $950,000 bonus. Slot value of $247,000.

8th-round pick LHP D.J. Herz. Reported $500,000 bonus. Slot value of $162,700.

9th-round pick RHP Tyler Schlaffer. Reported $250,000 bonus. Slot value of $149,800.

In addition, the following draft picks reportedly got the full $125,000 bonus that can be given to a player taken in the 11th round or later without it counting against the bonus pool.

12th-round pick RHP Hunter Bigge.

13th-round pick RHP Porter Lodge.

14th-round pick 3B Ryan Reynolds.

15th-round pick RHP Zach Bryant.

16th-round pick RHP Jozhan Oquendo.

19th-round pick LHP Adam Laskey.

23rd-round pick OF Manny Collier.

Additionally, the Cubs have reportedly signed Georgia Southern RHP Joe Nahas as an undrafted free agent for a team record $135,000. Although Nahas went undrafted in June, he has apparently been impressing scouts in the wooden-bat Cape Cod League this summer, which is why he got a bonus worthy of a top-ten rounds pick.

Here are all the Cubs picks from the 2019 draft. Players who signed are in Bold. The number in parentheses is the overall number of the pick in the entire draft.

1 (27) Ryan Jensen, RHP, Fresno State University (Calif.)

2 (64) Chase Strumpf, 2B, University of California, Los Angeles

3 (103) Michael McAvene, RHP, University of Louisville (Ky.)

4 (132) Chris Clarke, RHP, University of Southern California

5 (162) Josh Burgmann, RHP, University of Washington

6 (192) Ethan Hearn, C, Mobile Christian School (Ala.)

7 (222) Brad Deppermann, RHP, University of North Florida

8 (252) Davidjohn Herz, LHP, Terry Sanford High School (N.C.)

9 (282) Tyler Schlaffer, RHP, Homewood-Flossmoor High School (Ill.)

10 (312) Wyatt Hendrie, C, Antelope Valley College (Calif.)

11 (342) Mack Chambers, SS. Seminole State College (Okla.)

12 (372) Hunter Bigge, RHP. Harvard University (Mass.)

13 (402) Porter Hodge, RHP, Cottonwood Senior High School (Utah)

14 (432) Ryan Reynolds, 3B, University of Texas

15 (462) Zach Bryant, RHP, Jacksonville University (Fla.)

16 (492) Johzan Oquendo, RHP, Leadership Christian Academy (P.R.)

17 (522) Tanner Dalton, RHP, California State University, Sacramento

18 (552) Alex Moore, RHP, Lander University (S.C.)

19 (582) Adam Laskey, LHP, Duke University (N.C.)

20 (612) Darius Hill, OF, West Virginia University

21 (642) Nelson Maldonado, OF, University of Florida

22 (672) Elian Almanzar, RHP, Florence-Darlington Technical College (S.C.)

23 (702) Manny Collier, CF, Westwood High School (Ariz.)

24 (732) Grayson Byrd, INF, Clemson University (S.C.)

25 (762) Zac Taylor, OF, University of Illinois

26 (792) Jacob Olson, INF, University of South Carolina

27 (822) Cayne Ueckert, RHP, McNeese State University (La.)

28 (852) Chris Kachmar, RHP, Lipscomb University (Tenn.)

29 (882) Jake Washer, C, East Carolina University (N.C.)

30 (912) Bryan King, LHP, McNeese State University (La.)

31 (942) Shane Combs, RHP, University of Notre Dame (Ind.)

32 (972) Bryce Windham, 2B, Old Dominion University (Va.)

33 (1002) Ryan Ritter, SS, Lincoln-Way East High School (Ill.)

34 (1032) Nolan Letzgus, RHP, Heritage High School (Ga.)

35 (1062) Hunter Patteson, LHP, Vero Beach Senior High School (Fla.)

36 (1092) Jayson Hoopes, RHP, St. Augustine Preparatory School (N.J.)

37 (1122) Jaylon McLaughlin, CF, University of Nevada

38 (1152) Marc Davis, 3B, Florida SouthWestern State College

39 (1182) Mason Auer, CF, Kickapoo High School (Mo.)

40 (1212) Mac Bingham, CF, Torrey Pines High School (Calif.)