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Joe Maddon still gets high marks from Cubs fans

... in the latest SB Nation FanPulse poll.

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Joe Maddon seems to get blamed for just about everything around Cubs-land these days.

That’s surprising to me, because Maddon is the best manager the Cubs have had since Joe McCarthy in the late 1920s and he’s riding four straight postseason berths and likely gets a fifth.

The latest SB Nation FanPulse poll results show Joe with an 84 percent approval rating, down two percent from last week, but still a solid showing for Joe.

I’ve been consistent in my belief that Maddon should get a contract extension now, rather than waiting till the offseason. Management doesn’t seem inclined to do that. Maybe, if the Cubs go on a run the next few weeks, they’ll do it. When Theo Epstein’s contract was about to expire after the 2016 season, he didn’t get an extension until the last week of the regular season — and that in an historic 103-win regular season!

In the other question asked in this week’s poll, confidence in the team’s performance overall went up slightly, from 73 percent to 76 percent.

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