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Cub Tracks and the mistake by the lake

Same old problems, same old team, hanging on to first, and other bullets

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Pete Alonso wins
Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Home Run Derby. The format is way more extended than it needs to be but I guess that’s what the people want so they can see as many of the stars as possible. No Cubs in it. Zzzzz. That said, I picked Pete Alonso pregame, though only my cats heard. I did watch it all, or was in the room most of the time, anyway. I got to see Jessica Mendoza’s non-questions. “What were you, umm, wow? Hey, what about that?” She’s bad, I say, but then the announcing on the World vs. Cleveland game was so bad, I turned it off and listened to some live King Gizzard instead, while I was writing this. Much better for the earholes. Here you go. Enjoy!

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