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Cub Tracks closes the store

Cubs win, results of trading day, Brandon Kintzler’s natal anniversary, and other bullets

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MLB: Chicago Cubs at St. Louis Cardinals
Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

First place again!

I enjoyed that the ESPN broadcast had a lot of space to it as Jon Sciambi often didn’t talk while a pitch was being delivered. Sciambi would introduce topics from time to time, and Eduardo Perez usually picked those up, with David Ross chiming in from time to time, but there was little happychat happening and I appreciated that.

There was enough happening on the field to keep my interest.

That WAS interference, though. Fortunately, Kyle Hendricks was able to wiggle off the hook and he and Miles Mikolas indulged in a good old fashioned pitchers’ duel, the kind I’ve always liked.

Lots of interesting umpiring, Arte Johnson. And ultimately a Cubs win, which Al will tell you all about, and a flurry of roster moves, covered on the front page yesterday. Nicholas Castellanos, Tony Kemp, Brad Wieck, and David Phelps all join the Cubs as Carl Edwards, Jr. heads to San Diego. Could all be decent pickups. Martin Maldonado, we hardly knew ye.

Ian Happ may be a decent pickup, too. I wish he could play a good second base, but center field has been a black hole, too. Even the ESPN guys knew that.

Here’s today’s Cubs News and Notes. As always, * means autoplay on, or annoying ads, or both (directions to remove for Firefox and Chrome). {$} means paywall. {$} means limited views.

“I don’t know why it’s funny to watch pitchers get hit.” — David Ross.

“I swear I don’t know,” Maddon said late Tuesday night when asked if the Cubs will add another hitter to jumpstart the offense. “The guys are hunkered down. We’ll look for the white smoke. If it appears, we’ll know something occurred. Otherwise, we’ll just keep going with what we got.” — Patrick Mooney.

Food for thought:

The robot umps are coming. Thanks for reading.