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Juicing baseballs is bad for the game, according to the majority of SB Nation FanPulse members

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This is becoming a big problem for baseball.

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Home runs are up in baseball this year. A lot. We talked about that here yesterday. Some of this increase comes from baseballs that are likely “juiced” in some way.

And these results from the latest SB Nation FanPulse survey say that you think that’s a big problem:

In last week’s survey, a similar majority (68 percent) of FanPulse members said this “juicing” was intentional on MLB’s part.

It’s clear MLB is going to have to do something about this. Just two days ago at Hardball Talk, Craig Calcaterra posted this long article noting that Pete Rose and Goose Gossage (among others) had been complaining about the current “launch angle” era of baseball. His point is summed up here:

As a matter of editorial philosophy I question whether it ever makes sense to ask Goose Gossage and Pete Rose about anything that is not specifically about Goose Gossage or Pete Rose and even then I’d exercise caution. Gossage has spent the last ten years as every writer’s go-to for easy quotes hating on anything that has happened in baseball since 1988. Rose, in addition to being a loathsome human being who is banned from the game, is also one of those dudes who thinks his generation and his generation alone Played the Game the Right Way. The less we hear from them on this stuff the better, as far as I’m concerned.

Yet, they’re not wrong.

At least they’re not wrong as far as what they’re saying above. That’s how frickin’ messed up baseball is right now. Even Goose Gossage and Pete Rose are on my side of the matter. It’s enough to make a guy sit down and take stock, ya know? At least it’s enough to make me want to be more specific and objective about what it is that bugs me about the game today, so as not to lazily fall into an “everything is new sucks” stance, which I suspect is what animates these two particular stopped clocks.

The takeaway from all of this: Baseball is going to have to do something about all of this, or it risks turning off a lot of fans.

Turning to the Cubs portion of the FanPulse survey, Joe Maddon still has the approval of a large majority of members:

The specific approval number is 77 percent, down slightly from 81 percent last week. I’m guessing if the Cubs do well on the current homestand, that number will go back up next week. So will the overall “confidence” level in the team, currently at 50 percent, down considerably from 69 percent last week. That’s what a lousy road trip will do to a team.

You can still join FanPulse and have your voice heard! The link to join is at the top of this post.