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Cub Tracks bares knuckles

The best version of ourselves, Darvish hangs ten, and other bullets

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Good guys wear blue
Gregory J. Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

Kyle Hendricks depended on his experience and considerable guile to get past the New York Metropolitans on a rainy Wednesday night in Flushing Meadows. The Cubs went into the game in the second spot in the division and in the wild-card race, two and a half games behind the front-running Cardinals, who were kind enough to lose to the Brewers and sport the same record as the wild-card leading Nationals at 73-58 (as of game-time).

Erstwhile God of Thunder Noah Syndergaard (Today’s Mets birthday boy) waited to drop the hammer on the Cubs’ bats. Instead the Cubs’ bats rode the lightning to the tune of a 6-0 lead after the first inning, and the game was afoot. A positive outcome would seem to have been an elementary deduction, but this is the Cubs. The Professor did the best he could, but a three-hour tour wasn’t in the cards. He didn’t last very long.

But it got better. Entertaining game, decided by the bullpens. You know the outcome by now — four in a row! Al’s recap will have the details.

“Maybe the Cubs just had to get rid of those ugly white uniforms.” — Jim Deshaies

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