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Cubs roster move: Cole Hamels activated, Brad Brach designated for assignment

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The big lefthander is back.

Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

Cole Hamels has been on the injured list for about a month after suffering an oblique injury in Cincinnati at the end of June. The Cubs were careful with Hamels, even though the injury was termed “mild,” as Hamels had a similar injury two years ago and came back too soon.

Everything’s 100 percent with Hamels now, apparently, as he’s back for the start today:

Brad Brach was designated for assignment, as the Cubs finally admit things weren't working with him. Brach had a rough year out of the bullpen; early on his walk rate was ridiculously high (21 walks in his first 24⅓ innings through June 2). After that he calmed down the walk rate (six walks in 14⅔ innings in 16 outings from June 5 through July 28), but his ERA went through the roof — 9.82 in those 16 outings.

Glad to see Theo & Co. finally admit a mistake signing and move on. The DFA of Brach opens up a spot on the 40-man roster.