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A Pod of Their Own and Cuppa Cubbie Blue bring you #Dollars4Dingers this September

A campaign to raise money to combat domestic violence

50 years ago one of the greatest playoff races of all time saw the Mets run down the Cubs in the NL East for the pennant. The Cubs have released a really cool interactive experience where you can learn more about that season. Here at Bleed Cubbie Blue, Andi Cruz Vanecek and I are working with our Mets podcast counterparts, A Pod of Their Own, on a slightly different way to commemorate that season while raising money for a good cause.

Earlier this week I joined A Pod of Their Own as a guest and they unveiled their fundraiser. The gist? Every time a Mets player hits a home run Mets fans donate a certain dollar amount to the National Domestic Violence Hotline. They invited me to be part of the fundraiser and a Cubs/Mets race down the stretch of a different sort was born.

#Dollars4Dingers is a campaign to raise money for the National Domestic Violence Hotline. It’s really easy to be involved. You pick a team and pledge a dollar amount per HR that your team hits. It’s Cubs fanbase + HRs v. Mets fanbase + HRs to see who can raise the most money for a great cause. Since this is a Cubs website, I’m really hoping you’ll join the Cubs team.

We’ve created a spreadsheet for tracking donations, but it’s an honor system. Everyone is responsible for sending their own donations in at the end of the campaign. The spreadsheet is there to keep track for yourself, and for us to have an idea as to whether the Cubs or Mets are pulling ahead.

Andi, Maggie, Linda, Allison and I will be updating the spreadsheet with HR tallies, so it will be easy to keep track of where you’re at. We’ll also be sharing progress on the race on BCB, Amazin’ Avenue and at our twitter accounts, which you can follow below:

We are really excited about this and hope you’ll join us in raising money for a great cause this September.