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Cubs roster move update: Craig Kimbrel to injured list, Duane Underwood Jr. recalled

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This is not good news.

Brian Cassella/Chicago Tribune/TNS via Getty Images

Update to this article posted earlier this afternoon:

Hopefully, this knee issue is nothing serious for Craig Kimbrel and he will be back shortly after the 10 days.

In the meantime I would expect Pedro Strop back soon and at that time he'll probably close, or Brandon Kintzler or Steve Cishek will.

Here's the rest of the article from earlier:

The Cubs have not officially announced this yet, but it appears Duane Underwood Jr. will be joining the big-league club for tonight’s game against the Athletics:

I can’t imagine the Cubs wanting to go with only three backup position players, with one of them being Taylor Davis.

Thus, it would seem that the logical move would be a relief pitcher, as all the starters appear to be healthy (even Yu Darvish, who had some kind of illness while pitching Sunday).

It’s possible that Steve Cishek might go to the injured list, or possibly Tyler Chatwood. Chatwood threw three innings and 45 pitches Sunday and would not likely be available for several days. There could have been a minor injury involved in Chatwood’s outing.

Left unsaid here is the status of Pedro Strop, who could be close to returning to action after (possibly) a rehab outing or two this week. It’s possible that Underwood is a placeholder for Strop’s return. Underwood was on the roster for one day last week until David Phelps arrived after his trade from the Blue Jays, but did not appear in a game.