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Cubs season-ticket holders receive postseason invoices

There’s a small change from last year.

Monday, Cubs season-ticket holders received by email their invoices for postseason tickets.

As was the case in 2018, STH will have to purchase tickets for 12 games, since home fields have not yet been determined: a Wild Card Game ticket, three Division Series tickets, four LCS tickets and four World Series tickets.

The good news for STH is that prices for 2019 are the same as last year. It’s $1,772 per ticket for bleachers, plus a $25 “processing fee.” Here’s a breakdown of pricing for all seating areas in Wrigley Field for this year’s postseason:

Prices for postseason games are set by Major League Baseball in consultation with the ballclubs. In general terms, prices for these tickets are set so that they’re reasonably affordable given what the event(s) are.

Single-game prices will be set later, but in general there won’t be many tickets available to the general public outside of bleacher seats. In the past, single-game prices for postseason bleacher tickets have matched the Double Play Plan prices noted above. The Double Play season-ticket plan is a plan containing all weekday afternoon games (except Opening Day and holidays, this year, that’s 22 games). It’s no longer being sold, but those in it can keep it.

The Cubs say that postseason tickets will be mobile-only again this year. For those without smartphones, a $10 per ticket cost will be charged for printed tickets. Mobile postseason tickets are supposed to be available in the Ballpark app by Monday, September 23. Payment from STH is due by 5 p.m. CT on Monday, September 9. After that, there will likely be an announcement regarding details on single-game postseason ticket sales.

Last year, the Cubs sent commemorative postseason tickets (for the one game played) to STH after the postseason ended (IIRC, I got mine in December 2018). The paragraph noting that in last year’s postseason invoice has been removed from this year’s invoice. I’m hoping they’ll still do this, as it was a nice souvenir to have, despite the result of the game. I have reached out to the Cubs for more information on this and will post if I receive a response.

Now let’s hope the Cubs get there and have a longer run than they did in 2017 or 2018.