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Help raise money for a good cause with these cool John Baker Day Auction items

Bid now in the John Baker Day 2019 Auction for some sweet Cubs memorabilia and help raise money for charity!

Willson Contreras Signed Original Art
Matt Kammere

Thanks to all who have made our annual charity event John Baker Day a huge success so far! Between T-Shirts, hats, and tickets to John Baker Day this past Saturday, plus the John Baker Day auction (so far), we have raised nearly $5,000 for Chicago Metropolitan Battered Women’s Network!

And you can probably tell from John Baker’s Instagram post that we had a blast doing it!

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Happy Day #JohnBakerDay #putmeincoach

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More cowbell!!!

And we are still raising money for the next 24 hours or so with the John Baker Day Auction that ends Wednesday night! And in my opinion, some of the items in the John Baker Day Auction are going for peanuts. So much so, that I am personally the high bidder on three of the items and I have never won an auction in my life.

On the auction site, the photos of Matt Kammerer’s original art work are unsigned. As a BCB exclusive, I bring you not only photos of the signed pieces but also the signers signing them. Unfortunately the auction site won’t swap pics them out after posting.

Willson Contreras=Matt Kammerer (artist)
Matt Kammerer

And here’s Willson signing the piece. Photo by John Baker. How’s this for authentification?

Willson signs Matt Kammerer’s art
John Baker

This piece is only going for $70. Which is totally ridiculous. But if it does, I will be very happy -- because I am the high bidder. You can outbid me here

Going for more nearly triple the price is a larger Matt Kammerer piece signed by Pedro Strop.

Pedro Strop Signed Artwork
Matt Kammerer

And here is Strop signing Matt’s piece which he asked John if he could take home with him.

Pedro Strop Signs Matt Kammerer’s artwork
John Baker

So not only can you bid on original artwork signed by your favorite Cubs players, but a former Cubs player, John Baker took a picture of him signing it to authenticate it. How cool is that?!

Also for auction/sale are two signed prints of Javier Baez remaining donated by Matt Kammerer. John also got these signatures but no pics unfortunately.

Javy Baez signed artwork
Matt Kammerer

Plus, a big thanks to artist Rikk Carlson, who traveled to South Bend last weekend to have Ben Zobrist sign this 11 X 18 piece. Rikk then donated it to the cause of John Baker Day.

Ben Zobrist
Rikk Carlson

I’m the high bidder at $90 on the Benzo. In fact, I am the high bidder on everything but the Strop! And I make $20,000 less than the median income in the US. But go ahead! Let me win!

The best bargain in the John Baker Day auction currently is 2 VIP passes to a Club 400 Cubs event of your choice in 2020! All inclusive food and beer at an event with a Current Cubs player or past Cubs legend. It's a $500 value going for only $125. The event itself comes with a piece of memorabilia worth at least a couple hundred bucks. This is an absolute steal right now. In the past two years, they’ve hosted Strop, Javier Baez, Kyle Schwarber, Willson Contreras, Ben Zobrist and many Cubs past greats. I’m sure Club 400 will have a full schedule next year!

Also donated for auction by the Cubs is an Anthony Rizzo bat, David Bote jersey and a Willson Contreras ball. Thanks Cubs!

There are bargains galore at the John Baker Day Auction! And it ends tomorrow, Wednesday, August 7 at 7 p.m. CT.

Bid now and help put us over the fuve thousand dollar mark while bidding on some unique Cubs memorabilia that’s going cheap! You can also make direct donation to be counted in our numbers on the top righthand corner of the auction page as well.

Or, if you’d rather just give to Chicago Metropolitan Battered Women’s Network directly, do that.

Thanks to all of those who have gotten involved with John Baker Day this year and in the past! Every year it gets better!

Also, check out the audio from bloggers forum on John Baker Day with BCB’s very own Sara Sanchez! Also featuring podcasters from Ivy Envy, Cubs Related, Climbing the Ivy, Outside the Ivy and Bleacher Nation.

John Baker Day Bloggers Forum
Danny Rockett