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Cub Tracks gets ready for the trip

Lucroy signed, Cubs’ 5-1 stand, Happy Rizzo’s birthday, Tardigrade A, and other bullets

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That was you, not me
Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

Hey! That was some fun, and now the Cubs can marinate in, I mean ruminate about, the 5-1 homestand, before taking on the Reds beginning tonight for the first of one of those road trips, one of the possibly-season-determining sojourns that we’ve grown used to at this time of year. It was good to see the ball disappear over the fence — A Tru-Link fence!

Think about it. We’ve grown used to getting to the playoffs. I try like hell not to take it for granted but I reiterate that these are the golden years of Cubs baseball. We’ll be flushed with Victory until the wheels come off...

And to think that was once a Bert Weinman Ford. That’s Bert Weinman, your TV Ford Man!

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