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Cubs announce postseason ticket opportunity

We are hoping there will be postseason games at Wrigley Field. Here’s your chance to get tickets.

These are ticket windows, and a line, at Wrigley Field. But you cannot buy Cubs postseason tickets this way
Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Cubs season-ticket holders paid for their postseason tickets as of this past Monday, September 9.

Thursday, the team announced an opportunity for you to buy single-game postseason tickets. Here’s how it works.

From now until Monday, September 23 at noon CT, you can register for a random drawing to win a chance to purchase single game postseason tickets for a potential Wild Card Game and National League Division Series games. Go to for full details.

You will have to fill out the form on that page and pay a one-time refundable deposit of $50 in an effort to verify authenticity of each entry and the genuine interest to attend postseason games. The $50 deposit can be applied to the ticket purchase if you win the opportunity, or it will be refunded at the conclusion of the postseason.

If you win the opportunity to buy postseason tickets, you’ll be notified by email. Once you have this chance, you will be able to buy a maximum of four tickets among available games, subject to availability. If you don’t get a chance in the first round of selection, your registration remains eligible for future rounds this year. You can only purchase tickets once during the postseason, being selected does not guarantee you tickets, and this is open only to residents of the United States 18 years or older. More details are available at the link above.

As was the case last year, all Cubs postseason tickets will be mobile-only through the MLB Ballpark app. (In practice, they cannot force you to buy a smartphone just to do this. If you don’t have a smartphone and get postseason tickets, the office will arrange for you to get paper tickets, likely for a small fee.)

Good luck! And, of course, here’s hoping the Cubs get to the postseason and have a long postseason run.