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FanPost Friday: Make a beverage inspired by the Chicago Cubs

Raise a glass!

NL Championship Series: New York Mets v. Chicago Cubs - Game Four

Sometimes is seems like fancy bars use everything from celebrities to major historical events to create fun and unique cocktails (and mocktails!) for their menus. The Chicago Cubs don’t have an official drink, but there are plenty of ways to draw inspiration from the team.

In today’s FanPost prompt, I want you guys to come up with a Cubs-inspired cocktail recipe (non-alcoholic options welcome!).

Give us the ingredients and a fun name. This doesn’t necessarily need to be inspired by the 2019 Cubs team, so if you want to make a Mordecai Brown Cow, which is basically a Brown Cow but with three fingers of Kahlua, that’s totally okay. (But don’t steal that because I made it up).

If you want to “get into the mix” head over to the FanPost section, selection “New FanPost” on the left, and get those shakers out to make the perfect beverage for Cubs fans.

Special thanks to Lookout Landing for inspiring this prompt.