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Cub Tracks’ eight is enough?

Elimination day. Maddon is optimistic, Epstein is staying, and other bullets

MLB: Chicago Cubs at Pittsburgh Pirates
Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports

Sorry, Dick van Patten.

The Chicago Cubs are done, the playoffs a lost cause despite a run differential (+104) that is the third best in the National League entering Wednesday. — Anthony Witrado (Forbes).

By now you know the narrative. I’m sorry, but there isn’t much more than that available. I read all of it so you don’t have to. The magic number is zero. Wait ‘til next year.

The Cubs were officially eliminated from postseason contention Wednesday night, shortly before reliever David Phelps threw the second of two wild pitches in the eighth inning that led to a 4-2 loss to the Pirates, their eighth consecutive defeat. — Mark Gonzales.

It could be worse:

  • 1962 - The Cubs lose their 101st, but the good news is that only 903 fans are on hand to see it. The Phils win, 5 - 3, their 18th win in 23 games. The Phils will win tomorrow, 8-0, behind Dennis Bennett, and only 607 fans will see that one. (BBRef)

Could be better:

Last year:

  • 2018 - The Cubs and Brewers both clinch a postseason slot with wins today, although which of the two teams will finish first in the NL Central and which will host the Wild Card Game remains up in the air, as only a half-game separates them.

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Food for thought: