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2020 Chicago Cubs postseason

Cubs postseason statistical updates

The Cubs played just two postseason games in 2020, but some players moved up the leaderboard.

Cubs Wild Card Series Game 2 lineup: David Ross doesn’t change a thing from Thursday’s rainout

It’s the same lineup we would have seen yesterday.

Here’s why the postponement of Thursday’s Cubs/Marlins game was the right thing to do

Yes, it did rain. And hard enough that there would have been multiple delays.

If there’s a Cubs/Marlins Game 3 Saturday, it’ll be in the afternoon

First things first — win Game 2!

Cubs Wild Card Series Game 2 lineup: David Bote gets a start

Perhaps that will help.

The view of Cubs/Marlins game 1 from a Wrigley rooftop

It was different, to be sure.

Marlins 5, Cubs 1: That’s not the way I’ve always heard it should be

This was not the way to start this best-of-three series.

Cubs set wild-card series roster

They’ll have 13 pitchers and 15 position players.

Cubs Wild Card Series Game 1 lineup: Javier Baez dropped to seventh

The Cubs shortstop will hopefully anchor the bottom of the lineup.

MLB announces full wild card series TV schedule and the Cubs will play all day games

It’s a throwback to old-school postseason baseball.

From start to finish: How the Cubs won the NL Central

Five key moments that made a difference in the shortened season

2020 Cubs postseason: Kyle Hendricks will start Game 1

The Professor also started on Opening Day this year.

BCB staff roundtable: Cubs vs. Marlins wild-card series

A discussion of the upcoming postseason series from the BCB staff.

The Postseason Wildcard Round is basically March Madness but with baseball

No one has ever experienced playoff baseball like this.

MLB announces postseason times and TV schedule and the Cubs’ first game is a day game

MLB went old-school with the Cubs for Game 1.