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Happy New Year 2020!

... and new decade!

Getty Images (Photo illustration: Mike Bojanowski)

Happy New Year!

Will this new decade be the “Roaring ‘20s” for the Chicago Cubs?

Hey, you’re up this late — posting time is midnight Central time, January 1 — so why not discuss a little baseball?

Think about this for a moment:

The decade just completed is the best calendar decade for the Cubs franchise since the ‘00s — the nineteen-00s. I suppose you could give a nod to the 1930s, when the Cubs won three National League pennants, but it had been a full century plus nearly a full decade since the Cubs franchise won a World Series, before the 2010s came along.

The Cubs had a winning record for the 2010s: 817-803 (.504), and that includes a 101-loss season and a 96-loss season and just five winning seasons (2015-19). That’s pretty good, all things considered, and the best calendar decade for the franchise since the 1930s (889-646, .579), the last time the Cubs had an entire calendar decade with all winning seasons.

Now that’s something to shoot for in the 2020s.

May 2020 bring health and happiness to you, and victories to the Chicago Cubs.

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Getty Images (Photo illustration: Mike Bojanowski)