2020 MOVIE THREADS Start One Week From Today

Happy New Year! The First Annual (maybe) MOVIE THREADS will be starting in one week. This is the updated schedule and guidelines.

PART 1 Wednesday, January 8:

  • TOP 10 ALL-TIME movies. This is your list, not the critics. List the 10 best movies you've ever seen
PART 2 Wednesday, January 15
  • Top 5 Guilty Pleasures - Movies so bad that they're good. You almost are ashamed to admit that you love them, but you do. Comedies, bad horror or sci-fi, or whatever you like
  • Top 5 Hidden Gems - Movies that are not in the mainstream. A lot of people haven't heard of or certainly haven't seen these gems, so you want to share
  • Top 5 Baseball Movies
PART 3, Wednesday, January 22
  • Top 10 movie songs and/or soundtracks
PART 4 Wednesday, January 29

  • Top 10 movies of the past decade (2010 - 2019)
  • Top 5 performances all-time by an Actor male or female
  • Top 5 directors all-time
  • Top 5 movie scenes all-time
Everyone is welcome. It doesn't matter if your tastes are in modern cinema, classics, submarine movies, mafia movies, or a combo. There are no wrong answers.

These are some additional rules/guidelines that were not in the last post.
  1. If you'd like, include a link to a trailer, scene or song with each movies listed. Text or commentary is welcome but certainly optional.
  2. Don't worry about crossover. Some or many of your favorite movies will show up in multiple categories. That's okay.
  3. Feel free to list honorable mentions for each category. List them on the bottom. Try to limit honorable mentions to 5.

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See you next week!

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