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Cubs avoid arbitration with Albert Almora Jr.

The Cubs center fielder and the team have agreed to terms.

Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports

This afternoon should be filled with announcements on the Cubs agreeing on contract terms for 2020 with arbitration-eligible players.

Here’s another!

Albert Almora Jr.’s $1.575 million contract is $225,000 less than MLB Trade Rumors’ projection for his 2020 salary. To keep a running tab on Cubs players above and below projection today, that’s a net $125,000 “savings” for the Cubs so far.

Almora had a down year offensively and defensively in 2019 and at this point in his career is likely a fourth outfielder, although there are teams he could probably start for. It seemed as if his production took a downturn after his foul ball hit the little girl in Houston in May. That’s a sad situation for everyone involved.

For Almora, perhaps an offseason of rest and rejuvenation will bring his production back up to 2018 level. He’s certainly a useful spare part if he can play defense at that level.

I’ll continue to post on these signings as they are announced.