Movie Threads 2020 PART 2 - Guilty Pleasures, Hidden Gems, and Baseball!

This week there are three categories:

Top 5 Guilty Pleasures – Movies that are so bad that they’re good. Crazy comedies? Bad horror? Acting so bad that it’s iconic (looking at you Nick Cage). You choose the criteria for what constitutes a guilty pleasure.

Top 5 Hidden Gems – Movies that may not be in the mainstream that you want to share with others.

Top 5 Baseball Movies – Baseball movies for a baseball site

Try to keep each list to 5 items so that lists do not get out of hand. You can always list honorable mentions and additional items in a separate post at a later date.

Links to scenes, trailers or whatever are welcome but not necessary. I have decided for this week that I am going to list very few links, as I don't think they add as much as they do for a song, and they sometimes give spoilers. You can do whatever you want here. Comments are welcome but not required.

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