Hi Everybody!

For this week, we’re looking to both the recent past and the more distant past! I want to see picks for the oldest music in your collection first. Ideally this is 1950s and earlier but if you don’t venture much into that territory, give me the earliest music in your collection.

Next, let me see those recent picks! Stuff released from 1/1/2018 - present! Maybe it’s something you discovered on Spotify/Pandora/Apple Music that you’ve been digging. Maybe you heard it while out and about running errands and can’t get it out of your head. Maybe it’s whatever ambient music is played in Galaxy’s Edge if you’ve ventured to Disney. Whatever it is, make it recent!

I’m limiting this to 5-6 per category for a total of 10-12. As you may have seen in the last music thread as well, I’m asking everybody to follow this rule until Monday. I know we all get really excited to share what we love but save your extra picks until people have a chance to post their own lists. Maybe somebody else will have you covered! Come Monday, we can start putting Indexes ("Indices"?) on!


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