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Cub Tracks springs eternal

Cubs and MLB news — Difficult, but not impossible, and other bullets

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Chicago Cubs Introduce David Ross - News Conference
catcher in the awry
Photo by David Banks/Getty Images

There’s always hope. Bring on the robot umps.

1. A robot ump may not misidentify a thrown ball or, through misidentification, allow a strike to be called a ball, or conversely, a ball to be called a strike. A robot ump must make the objectively correct call. No human must come to harm as a result of the call.

2. A robot ump must objectively and correctly interpret the strike zone in all dimensions except where such interpretation would conflict with the First Law. The length, breadth, and depth of the zone must always be under consideration.

3. A robot ump must make the objectively correct call as long as such a determination does not conflict with the First or Second Law. This includes all matters not directly addressed by the First or Second Laws.

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