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The 2020 Cubs promo schedule includes a Craig Kimbrel beard item

Hopefully, this will be something fans will still want by then.

Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

The Cubs released a preliminary schedule of 2020 promotions and giveaways at the Cubs Convention last weekend.

Among them is something called the “Craig Kimbrel Grow-a-Beard.” I’m not sure exactly what this is, and no photo is yet available. What I really do hope is that it will be something fans actually want by May 9, which is the scheduled giveaway date. Hopefully, Kimbrel’s performance will be good enough over the season’s first few weeks to make people actually want these.

I’m sorry to have to report to you that once again, Cubs promotional items (at least most of those listed on the preliminary schedule) are going to be limited to “up to the first 10,000 fans.” This is not very fan-friendly, in my view; virtually all other teams give away at least 20,000 promo items and the Dodgers, who lead MLB in attendance every year, give away 40,000 of almost all their promo items.

Seriously, Cubs — get with the program.

There’s no magnet schedule listed for Opening Day, although again I note this is a preliminary list. If no magnet schedule is given out, that would be the first time since the early 1980s that no such item was given to fans on Opening Day.

There are four bobbleheads listed, all “TBD,” and there are six cap giveaways for bleacher fans only on Fridays during the summer months. There aren’t any details yet on what will be on those caps.

Here’s the full schedule as issued to fans at the Convention. For a larger version click here.