Music Thread - Week 5 - Music in paradise/dystopia

This week is very simple, and yet oh so hard.

This is twist on the standard "what 5 items would you take with you if you were stranded on a desert island" routine. Except it's five albums. (there's a solar powered jukebox there - just roll with me). Which five do you want?

Or maybe you're more of a post-apocalyptic dystopia type - if you could save only five albums from complete and utter destruction, which would you save?

Whatever flavor you prefer your musical misery in (I love music, and the idea of this horrifies me - but that makes it a little fun as an exercise)...

If you were limited to listening to only 5 albums for the rest of your life - no live music, no new music, no radio, nothing - those 5 albums would be the only music you hear for the rest of existence - what are they?

For an extra challenge, please try to limit yourself to at most one greatest hits/live/compilation type album.

For mine, I'm linking 3 songs from each album, but feel free to link none, one, whatever.

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