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MLB Bullets has made their choice

Dusty Baker is going to Houston. The Reds are making moves. Mookie Betts rumors heat up. Adam Jones goes to Japan.

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Divisional Round - Washington Nationals v Chicago Cubs - Game Three Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

There’s a lot of things we can say about Dusty Baker. Some good. Some not as positive. But I don’t think that anyone can really dislike a man who can pull off a suit like the one he’s wearing in this photo.

That’s Dusty on the far right. Maybe his pants don’t compare to Reggie Smith’s (far left), but the whole look is pretty fantastic. It looks like he’s about to play a crusading lawyer in a sequel to Shaft.

Of course, it could be worse than reading the news. You could be one of my wife’s students:

If any of those kazoo-playing kids ends up running for office one day, we’ve got blackmail material.

And tomorrow will be a better day than today, Buster.