Movie Threads 2020 PART 4 - Movies From the Last Decade

The topic this week is simple. List your 10 favorite movies of the last decade. Movies must have been released between 2010 and 2019 inclusive. If you like, you can add 5 honorable mentions. Try not to go over that amount. Comments and links are welcome but not required.

Bonus (completely optional - nothing wrong with skipping this!

List 5 quotes from famous movie scenes. Don't give any info on the quote, the movie or the scene. People in the comments can try to guess which movie and scene belongs to each quote. Try not to make your quote too obscure or no one is going to be able to guess. Also, we don't want the same movie buff going up and down the lists giving all the answers. If people aren't guessing the quote, give them a hint.

Please don't go over 5 for the quotes. Also try to keep the guessing and the hints together under one sub-thread so that discussions of the movies don't get mixed in.

This is an example of how this would work.

In your post:

1. "Here's looking at you kid."

2. "Our pets heads are falling off!"

...3 more

In the comments:

1. Casablanca, airport scene

2. Dumb and Dumber, dead bird scene


This is the last Movie Thread of the season. Thanks to everyone for participating and helping. As always, please rec this post so that it gets pinned to the top of the Fanposts.

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