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Could the Cubs be in the Nolan Arenado trade market?

One report says... maybe.

Photo by Dustin Bradford/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

As you all know, the Cubs have been pretty much at a standstill regarding the acquisition of significant MLB players this offseason.

The presumed reason is the waiting game we’re all in for the decision in Kris Bryant’s grievance.

So that’s why this article by Jon Morosi has some provocative information. Here’s the surprise:

One source said that as many as a half-dozen teams are in contact with the Rockies regarding the possibility of an Arenado trade. The Braves, Rangers and Nationals are believed to be among the group. The Cubs also loom as a possible suitor, especially if they trade former National League MVP Kris Bryant in a move to obtain young pitching.

(Emphasis added by me)

Now what would be the point of that? Why would the Cubs trade one star third baseman who might be somewhat expensive and acquire another one who’s... even more expensive?

Nolan Arenado is in the second year of an eight-year, $260 million deal that will pay him $35 million this season and next. He has an opt-out after 2021, though I’d think it’s unlikely he’d take it, as there are five years and $164 million remaining on the deal after that. The contract also calls for bonuses for All-Star and Gold Glove selections and a top-five finish in MVP voting.

Given the glacial pace the Cubs have taken toward trades or signings this winter, I think this particular rumor has zero legs and is simply the speculation of the writer. But it’s out there, so I thought I would present it to you for discussion.