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The Cubs appear to be auditioning organ players at Wrigley Field

We’ve got sound and video!

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Al Yellon

Last September 22, Cubs organist Gary Pressy retired after 33 seasons and 2,687 consecutive games at the Wrigley Field organ.

Wrigley Field was the first ballpark to have an organist. On April 26, 1941, Roy Nelson entertained the crowd pre-game with various selections. (They had to stop before the game so as not to have the songs heard on the radio broadcast, which would have forced the Cubs to pay ASCAP fees!)

Various others have played at the Wrigley organ since then, including Frank Pellico, who still plays for the Chicago Blackhawks.

There hasn’t been much news about Pressy’s replacement, but Friday, organ music was heard coming from the ballpark. Here’s a sample:

And, here are two more audio clips (if you are reading this article on Apple News and can’t see them, click here and here):

So, it does appear that the Cubs will be hiring a new organist to succeed Gary Pressy. Hope the new person has a career as long and as successful!

Many thanks to my friend Carolyn Kilbride for providing the clips.