Movie Threads 2020 PART 1 - Top Ten All Time Movies

This is the maiden voyage of the 2020 Movie Threads! For this first entry, list your top 10 movies of all time. This is your list, not the critics, so you choose the criteria for which movies make the cut. There are no right or wrong answers.

Your list doesn't have to have 10 entries if you'd like to keep it shorter. Likewise, feel free to add some Honorable Mentions if your list is overflowing. Try to keep the Honorable Mention list to 5 but don't worry if it goes over.

If you like, add a link to a trailer or a scene for each movie. Comments about each movie or why you chose it are welcome but certainly not required.

So go ahead and post your lists below. As always in the current Fanpost environment, it's important for people to rec this post so that it gets pinned to the top. Thanks.

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