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Cubs announce spring training reporting dates

It won’t be too long until there will be baseball!

Jon Lester, Kyle Hendricks and Yu Darvish in a workout in spring training 2019
Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

There’s been a lack of real Cubs news this offseason.

This, you already know. Thus, we have filled this space with rumors, retrospectives and other history pieces.

Now, though, I have actual Cubs news for you!

February 11... let’s see, that’s... brings out calculator... 33 days from now. That’s fewer than five weeks!

February 11 is a Tuesday, and so the first pitcher/catcher sessions will be on a Wednesday. February 16 is a Sunday, so the first full-squad workout will be on a Monday, and that date, February 17, also happens to be Presidents Day. Thus lots of schools will be closed, so I’d expect fairly large crowds to watch the first full-squad workout led by new manager David Ross and his revamped coaching staff.

Just five days after the first full-squad workout, the Cubs will play their first spring-training game, Saturday, February 22 at Sloan Park vs. the Oakland Athletics.

Baseball is almost here!