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Cubs postseason leaderboard update

The game wasn’t pretty, but a few Cubs moved up the lists.

Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

You would think in a 5-1 Cubs loss to the Marlins in Game 1, with the run on a solo blast by a player with only one postseason hit, that nothing much would have changed on the lists. The tops on the hitters' side were largely unchanged, but the pitching side bristled with energy. These are the Cubs postseason leaders updates.

By taking the mound and making a pitch, Kyle Hendricks became the team's all-time leading starting pitcher, with 11. Jon Lester hopes for a chance at a tie on Friday. Hendricks also moved from a tie for fourth to a tie for second in innings pitched in a postseason career. He's tied with Mordecai Brown with 57⅔ innings. Hendricks expanded his strikeout total to 51, still seven short of Lester in second.

Though the offensive ledger was quiet, a few players did move up. Kyle Schwarber‘s two walks nudged me to include walks on my homework sheet.

Kris Bryant 13
Sammy Sosa 13
Willson Contreras 12
Anthony Rizzo 12
Kyle Schwarber 12

Contreras' hit-by-pitch puts him in a tie for sixth place with one. He's also in a tie for 10th with three doubles. Contreras is also now eighth in at-bats with 78, passing Jimmy Sheckard with 77. Frank Schulte also has 78. And, Willson ranks ninth with 90 plate appearances, behind Schulte's 91. Sheckard has 94.

Jason Heyward tied Dexter Fowler for seventh with 26 games, and figures to tie Ben Zobrist for sixth with 27 in Game 2. Contreras is in fifth with 29, behind Addison Russell in fourth with 31. While this is much more amusing with more offense, Happ is posing himself for a move up a few categories with more opportunities and success. Yu Darvish has a chance to position himself halfway up the 21 that would get him on the strikeout list. Also, a win in Game 2 would give the rest of the gang at least one more game to accumulate numbers.