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2021 MLB Draft Prep: The Cubs will pick 21st in ‘21

So, where do we go from here?

Robby Martin of Florida State, a possible Cubs No. 1 pick in 2021
Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

Since the Cubs season has concluded, it's about time for me to get back to researching the July draft. That didn't feel right on the keyboard, but July it is. As the post-season continues, note how many players on the teams were originally signed by their current team through the draft or international spectrum. Nailing those two aspects help, immensely.

I'm leaning toward mock drafts this season. Since the Cubs are selecting 21st overall, my preference list would probably be 25, regardless. Add four more, and the first round is all included. I don't claim any more inside knowledge than the none I've had before, but some teams have tendencies.

Which reminds me, as much as anything, teams select on tendencies. Some lean pitchers early. Some prioritize college bats. What do the Cubs prioritize? I have no idea any more. New signal-caller Dan Kantrovitz (whose official title is Vice President of Scouting) seems full speed ahead on velocity. With bullpenning all the rage in the playoffs, expecting anyone with middling velocity to muddle through a playoff game for three times through the lineup seems less likely than before. Which might be enough to reduce the likelihood of a Jon Lester return to "just above zero." (He certainly doesn't seem a likely relief candidate. I don't see him as a "pitch three games over four innings" type. Players with option seasons remaining, and higher velocity readings, as well, seem more reasonable gambles.)

One of the regulars posted a mock draft this past Tuesday. Minor League Madhouse sent the Cubs Florida State outfielder Robby Martin. His defense in right field seems more break-even than anything else, but his offense seems useful enough, both for power and on-base stuff. In the shortened 2020 college season, he walked 14 times and fanned 21 in 17 games. Overall he has a .414 OBP in 60 college games.

On my podcast, I recommend devoting a half-hour per week to a particular pursuit. Whether it's knowing a division rival's pipeline better, assessing DFA wire options, picking a college team to follow, researching pick 21, or something else, it would seem to rather useful to increase one's knowledge base. Your reading the articles is nice, and appreciated. Having a project for February is the so-called "challenge goal." If there's a sort of asset you'd like the Cubs to add in Jun...... July, after a two-and-out against Miami, now seems a good time to start.