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Outside The Confines: It’s Randy Arozarena’s world

We just live in it.

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League Championship - Houston Astros v Tampa Bay Rays - Game Seven Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Few players made a postseason splash quite the way Rays outfielder and rookie Randy Arozarena has in 2020. Arozarena, the first rookie position player to ever win an ALCS MVP award, has been a sensational reminder of just how fun baseball can be when it’s played at full tilt.

Arozarena, a name no one outside the Rays organization was really aware of to start the season, is now the only thing anyone seems to want to talk about. With seven postseason home runs, 10 RBIs, and four walks, it seems like Arozarena is a machine designed to dazzle in October.

Before we get into the rest of today’s links, here are some spotlights on the postseason wunderkind.

Now onto the rest!

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