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Baseball history unpacked, October 23

Scenes from the rich tapestry of the game.

Cincinnati Reds v Chicago Cubs Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

... on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, Bleed Cubbie Blue brings a you a lighthearted Cubs-centric look at baseball’s past. Here’s a handy Cubs timeline, to help you follow along as we review select scenes from the rich tapestry of Chicago Cubs and Major League Baseball history*.

Today in baseball history:

This is of course in reference to the ‘Black Sox’ scandal. SABR debunks some common misconceptions. They have a committee to investigate. Bill Lamb expands.

Hartnett hit .344 that year, with 13 HR and 91 RBI.

This was a bittersweet kind of thing. Billy was long past his prime and would get a chance to be in the postseason, though. “I was very excited to go to Oakland because they were a great team,” Williams said. “We knew we were going back to the World Series, but it just didn’t happen.” Trillo stayed for quite a while. Knowles and Locker, not so much.

Pete Grathoff (Kansas City Star*): Rick Sutcliffe shares story of how his life has come full circle at Kauffman Stadium.

Ross was actually introduced on October 28 (we’ll have more on that day) — here’s his press conference:


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