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Outside The Confines: The Dodgers won it all

But some Rays fans will be asking “what if...”

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Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

There’s using your bullpen wisely and then there’s sticking to a script so aggressively it costs your team the World Series. Hindsight might be 20/20 but it was pretty obvious (at least to all of Twitter) that things started falling apart for the Tampa Bay Rays in Game 6 the moment Kevin Cash came on on the sixth inning to pull ace Blake Snell after he allowed a base hit.

Snell had been dealing to that point with two hits on 73 pitches, and a massive nine strikeouts. He looked good, he looked confident, and he looked super mad about being ousted from the game. Cash, who had leaned heavily on his bullpen all season, went to Nick Anderson, whose postseason record was shaky at best, and Anderson immediately pitched the Rays out of their lead and gave the Dodgers the go-ahead run.

Who knows what might have happened if Snell had been allowed to finish the sixth, but for Rays fans and couch-managers, it was pretty apparent Cash messed up.

The Dodgers ultimately won the game and the series, but it’s hard to pin their success on that one move. The team played hard, played well, and consistently generated good offense. They deserved their win.

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