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Kris Bryant chats with Greg Maddux on Skype

What can two great ballplayers learn from each other?

Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

What happens when two Cubs greats get together for a socially distanced chat? They have an awful lot of fun.

Kris Bryant and Hall of Famer Greg Maddux joined each other for a Skype session to talk about Greg’s baseball memories, David Ross, Michael Jordan’s short-lived baseball aspirations, and at one point there might have been some pranking.

Thanks to Red Bull for setting up the call and sharing these fun results with us.

Does Maddux remember facing David Ross [VIDEO]?

Should Maddux have a statue in front of Wrigley? Plus a bonus Harry Caray family drinking story [VIDEO].

The guys discuss playoffs and new rules (sadly recorded before the sweep) [VIDEO].

KB and Maddux talk showboating [VIDEO].

Maddux shares his memories of 9/11 [VIDEO].

Maddux’ memories of Michael Jordan wanting to play baseball, and his days in Chicago [VIDEO].

Maddux shares a John Smoltz golfing story [VIDEO].

A little pranking between the Greg and KB [VIDEO].

Hope you guys liked a bit of an amusing distraction. Thanks to Paul Yoffe and Red Bull for the videos. Now let’s start looking forward to spring training!