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Cubs send out 2021 Wrigley Field season ticket invoices

Prices have remained flat from 2020.

Remember when fans used to go to baseball games?
Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Remember when fans used to be able to go to baseball games? It was just last September at Wrigley Field, for Cubs fans, a bit more than a year ago. That feels like decades, given everything that’s happened in 2020.

(If that paragraph sounds familiar, you read something like it here last weekend when I wrote about spring training invoices.)

Today, season ticket holders received invoices. The total price on my bleacher season ticket invoice was lower than last year... by about $5.

A price reduction! Well, not really. The team had informed STH that prices would remain flat, and at least for bleachers, they have.

This might be a miscalculation on the Cubs’ part. I realize they lost a full year’s worth of revenue, but many STH have lost jobs or had other disruptions from the pandemic and baseball season tickets might not be a priority anymore. A reduction might have been a nice goodwill gesture on the part of the team, but here we are. I suspect there might wind up being a fair number of cancellations.

Mine are already paid for, since I took the Cubs up on their offer of a 5 percent premium if I let them keep the money I had already paid for 2020 season tickets. That leaves me with a credit of about $400.

The team also sent out tentative game times with the invoice and I’ll have a separate post on that tomorrow. I have also sent information on pricing to BCBer Lifetime Cubs Fan, who has helped me out with price analysis over the last few years and when he gets something back to me, I’ll post about that as well.

At this writing there’s no certainty that fans will be in Wrigley Field April 1 when the Cubs are scheduled to face the Pirates. As Theo Epstein mentioned in his news conference earlier Monday, there’s great uncertainty for the entire baseball industry.

As always, we await developments.