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Outside The Confines: The Marlins finally lose a postseason series

Can’t say we’re too torn up.

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MLB: NLDS-Atlanta Braves at Miami Marlins Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports

As Friday dawns, the postseason picture is looking a little more clear. The Braves swept the Marlins, ending the cheeky joke that the Marlins were undefeated in their postseason series history.

The Astros bested the A’s, proving that sometimes the villains do win, at least long enough to get to the Championship series. Underdog grand slam hitters the Padres were also swept by the Dodgers, advancing Los Angeles to the NLCS yet again.

The Yankees forced their way to a Game 5 by besting the Rays and tying the series 2-2, so we won’t know who is facing the Astros until later tonight.

Now let’s get into the news and stories of the day!

And tomorrow will be a better day than today, Buster. Make it so.