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What Cubs historical series would you like to see this offseason?

All your ideas are welcome.

Wrigley Field during the 1929 World Series
Getty Images

During baseball’s unanticipated hiatus from March through June, I wrote eight different history series here:

Cubs walkoff homers since 1960

The worst losses in franchise history

The biggest wins in Cubs history

Great performances by bit players

A ranking of Cubs by uniform number

The greatest homers in franchise history

The best starts in Cubs history

My personal ranking of ballparks

Those were fun to research and write, but... those are the sorts of things I’d have done this offseason, if we had had a normal 2020 season.

So now... I need some ideas of what you’d like to see me research and write about Cubs history. I’ve got a couple of ideas but it’s October and it’s 174 days until the Cubs open the season April 1, 2021 at Wrigley Field against the Pirates.

So leave your ideas in the comments. Thomas Smith will have a Heroes & Goats series covering the 1989 season, likely one of your favorites, beginning sometime in November.

I’m ready for whatever you’ve got. And while you’re here, if you missed any of the other eight series linked above, feel free to check them out now!