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Marlins make history by naming Kim Ng general manager

She’ll be both the first female GM and first Asian-American GM.

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It was hinted the other day that the Miami Marlins hire as general manager would be “creative” and “outside the box.”

The Marlins did that Friday by hiring Kim Ng as GM. She’s the first woman to hold that position, as well as the first Asian-American.

Ng has worked in baseball in various positions for the last 30 years, for the White Sox, Yankees, Dodgers and in the Commissioner’s Office.

Here’s the Marlins announcement:

It has been very difficult for women to break the “glass ceiling” in baseball and rise to positions of authority. Baseball has long been an “old boys” type of business. I congratulate Ng on her hire, and give kudos to the Marlins for making this groundbreaking hire. It will be a good thing for all women who want jobs in baseball, and there are many. Last spring the Cubs hired Rachel Folden as a hitting coach for their rookie league team in Mesa; unfortunately, due to the pandemic that team (along with the rest of the minor leagues) didn’t play in 2020.

Here are some of the reactions to this hire on Twitter:

The hire of Kim Ng is a great thing for all women (and all people) who love baseball. Give Derek Jeter some credit here; he hasn’t always done the right thing by the Marlins, but he clearly knew Ng’s credentials from their time together with the Yankees. Well done.