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Outside The Confines: Kim Ng makes history for women in baseball

It’s about darned time.

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Photo by Juan Ocampo/MLB Photos via Getty Images

The biggest story of the past week, and certainly the biggest news since the end of the World Series, is the announcement of the new Miami Marlins General Manager. The Marlins will find their new leader in Kim Ng, the former Senior Vice President of Baseball Operations for MLB, and Assistant GM to both the Yankees and Dodgers, and long-overlooked for the role by other teams.

Ng becomes the first woman to be General Manager of a MLB team, making history for women in the sport in the same season Alyssa Nakken became the first full-time female MLB coach.

There is absolutely no question of Ng’s qualifications, she has been working in baseball since she graduated university and knows the ins and outs of the game like no one else. It’s exciting to see her finally get her opportunity to show was she’s capable of, and naturally this historic event has been a topic of much discussion this weekend.

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