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Cub Tracks marks smooth transition

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Had this been yesterday, this would have been all-Theo, all the time. But that was so 24 hours ago, and while we have no newer news, we still don’t plan to live in the past, Ian Anderson. Maybe we’ll just stop in for the occasional vintage season, Jed Hoyer.

I know this may be true, but if the Cubs make even a single move that prioritizes money over the return, I’m going to riot. If you have to shake things up or trade someone to reduce salary, fine, do it. But you better not be SEEKING monetary relief as the primary return. That’s bad business that will lead to bad baseball that will lead to more bad business. — Brett Taylor.

Newsflash: Speedy outfielder Ian Miller will be back on a minor-league deal. Also signed were outfielder Rafael Ortega, catcher Taylor Gushue, righty Jake Jewell, and lefty Jerry Vasto.

Oh, who am I kidding? I’m all over it. Like there’s a choice. But Theo is stepping down on Cub Tracks’ eighth anniversary, so we feel like we’re a part of it.

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