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Cub Tracks tanks for nuttin’

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Wild Card Round - Miami Marlins v Chicago Cubs - Game Two Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Trade them all, we hear nobody actually say, but it’s in the air. Break up the core, scatter the golden apples of the sun to the four corners of the Earth. Gather all the young arms that they may raise them in victory one day, for surely the desire for pure profit and the desire for athletic achievement can meet somewhere for drinks and light conversation. Kreskin can’t be the only happy medium and anyway he isn’t under team control. KB made SI.

Sad times, fellow Cubs fans. We face a future where the only certainty is that we’ll pay an arm and a leg through the nose. No matter what the solution is, it’s bound to be too expensive. Hopefully Jed can Hoyer the Cubs out of their sick bed, get them back on their feet, and lead the squad back to the yellow brick road, if not El Dorado.

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