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Outside The Confines: Free agents facing a long, cold winter

This is a mighty bleak looking offseson

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Photo by Adam Hagy/MLB Photos via Getty Images

As we get deeper and deeper into the offseason, breaking baseball news becomes less frequent, but the one main story on everyone’s mind right now continues to be the fraught free agent market. In the past, a slow-moving free agent season was often seen as a sign of a cheap front office unwilling to spend.

Now, to hear it from the owners, it’s a byproduct of the financial difficulties faced by the unusual 2020 season with no fans in seats. It could also be an excuse for teams to look at the low-cost method that saw the Rays make it all the way to the World Series.

Whatever the real reason for it, it’s poised to be an ice cold offseason, which doesn’t bode well for all the players hoping to sign lucrative long-term deals.

With Winter Meetings also cancelled, the movement of the offseason is going to be unlike any other winter we’ve seen.

And tomorrow will be a better day than today, Buster. Make it so.