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Outside The Confines: Alex Cora is back with the Red Sox

Now will Carlos Beltran get another chance as well?

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Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

Just last week it was announced that the Detroit Tigers had signed A.J. Hinch as their new manager, bringing him back to the majors after being sidelined for a season due to his part in the Houston Astros sign-stealing scandal. It seemed, then, like a foregone conclusion that Alex Cora would get his second chance soon enough.

Soon enough happened this past weekend, as Cora reunited with the Boston Red Sox, the team he’d been with when the punishments came down, forcing him to step away from the Sox.

With players like George Springer hitting the free agent market this offseason, we’re on the verge of finding out how friendly the market is for the players — who were unpunished in the scandal — pans out. It seems likely, given the response to the managers, that the players are unlikely to feel too much sting.

One of the biggest questions lingering from the scandal remains what will become of Carlos Beltran, who was signed to be the manager of the Mets in 2020, but because he was part of the Astros during the scandal, he and the Mets parted ways, though there was no official punishment for Beltran. Will his time to manage come next?

Do these men deserve their second chances?

  • Before we jump into Cora-related topics and more, here’s Bartolo Colon once again proving he’s ready to play if called.

And tomorrow will be a better day than today, Buster. Make it so.