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Cub Tracks pales by comparison

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Atlanta Braves v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Hunter Martin/Getty Images

Man, I dunno. Everything MLB does is so coated in layers and layers of grime that I find it hard to swallow. On the one hand, the Negro Leagues being recognized as Major Leagues is great, long overdue. On the other hand, it is also ground cover for the bull they’re pulling on the minor-league level and deep cover for the bull that’s gonna go down next year when they renegotiate the CBA. But it’s still great.

Color me naturally suspicious, but use a white brush, because I’m seeing an attempt at Tom-Sawyering in the offing. It won’t be long before there never were Negro Leagues, segregated. The rug is already being woven.

I would very much like to be wrong. But there’s a history of such behavior. I also see 42 regular-season games and 120 playoff games being possible, depending on the betting line.

My lawn — you’re standing on it. Please keep your social distance.

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Nationals GM Mike Rizzo took the unusual step of talking about another team’s player when he told reporters the Nats aren’t interested in trading for Kris Bryant: “We haven’t had a serious conversation about Kris Bryant in probably two years. He was not a big guy on our radar last year or this year. He’s a great player but at this point and time of where we’re at, and what we have in our farm system, and where we’re going, we think we can allocate our dollars and prospect capital in another way” — Jesse Rogers.

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