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Outside The Confines: The Negro Leagues are finally qualified as major league

It’s about time, but it’s also a good time to listen to Black voices.

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This week, the biggest story to arise was MLB announcement it would officially consider the seven professional Negro League that ran from 1920 until 1948 to be official major leagues. On the surface, it’s a decision that feels long overdue and many were quick to applaud MLB for the move.

In today’s links I’m going to share a lot of thoughts on this move from white writers, because white writers are among the most heavily employed in sports, and it certainly makes sense that they would talk about such a monumental change.

However before I share their links I think it’s vastly more important to share (and for all of us to read) the thoughts of Black baseball writers on the subject, because as a white writer myself there is a disconnect from the history, the emotion, and the underlying meaning of this change.

So I’m going to spotlight those stories and videos first, and then get into the rest of the post.

  • Likewise Cory Frontin’s thoughts are important to read.
  • Assistant Professor Dr. Louis Moore gives us a valuable breakdown in this video.

And now, onto the rest of links.

I wanted the major focus of today’s links to be on this news, but I also don’t want these other stories to be missed going into the weekend, so here are a few more good links to round out your Friday.

And tomorrow will be a better day than today, Buster. Make it so.