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Cubs sign Michael Hermosillo to minor-league contract

The Cubs could use some outfield help in their system.

Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

When you can't get Mike Trout, sign one of his backups. The Cubs did that today, adding outfielder Michael Hermosillo on a minor-league deal. Looking at getting Hermosillo on a no-risk (at all) deal on the day non-tenders are announced is another look at the "spend as little as possible" kick that some MLB teams seem to be on these days.

Hermosillo was a 28th Round pick in 2013 by the Angels from Ottawa High School in Ottawa, Illinois. He's appeared in MLB games the last three seasons with limited success (.188/.288/.287, 19-for-101, one home run). His father, Mike Carter, was a Cubs minor league hitting coach for the Rookie League team in Mesa in 2019.

Hermosillo is mainly a corner outfielder and makes sense as a spring training guy in 2021. The Cubs are a bit vacant in outfield hitting prospects at the upper-levels, and signing with the Cubs makes sense for Hermosillo for that reason. He’ll turn 26 in January and isn’t necessarily much better or worse than Albert Almora Jr., which is where cost and value show up in the signing.

The Cubs/Angels cross-pollination continues with the signing of a lifelong Cubs fan. While I have no reason to expect great numbers from Hermosillo, if plugged in by necessity, he shouldn't totally embarrass himself offensively or defensively. And, if he figures "it" out, the Cubs will have his rights well into the future. It's a very low-risk and low-cost addition; the kind that is passing for roster news when "the budget" seems more important than "the talent."