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Outside The Confines: Sam Fuld is the new Phillies GM

He’s young, bright mind, but can he and Dave Dombrowksi fix the Phillies?

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MLB: Spring Training-Philadelphia Phillies at Pittsburgh Pirates Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Sam Fuld announced his retirement from baseball in November of 2017. He hadn’t played at the MLB level since 2015, and an injury following a strong 2016 spring training camp ended his season, and ultimately his baseball career.

During his eight major league seasons he posted largely unimpressive numbers for four different teams — which is not meant as a slight to Fuld, but a career wRC+ of 79 is not sending anyone to the Hall of Fame. Evidently, though, Sam made quite an impression on those around him, because immediately following his retirement, the Phillies hired him on a “player information coordinator” which basically meant his role was to help players and coaches with the integration of analytics into their play.

There’s no doubt Fuld is a smart man who has made a mark. He was considered for Blue Jays manager in 2018, and was on a very short list of contenders for the Boston Red Sox GM position before they brought back Alex Cora. Under Dave Dombrowski it’s clear the Phillies are shifting their approach to winning, and with Fuld on that indicates an eye towards advanced stats.

It is, however, interesting to see that someone who retired from play only three years ago, who had only one previous interview for a GM position, and very little front office experience, has achieved this position at such a relatively young age (Fuld is only 39). It sits in stark contrast to the recent hiring of new Marlins GM Kim Ng, who applied for at least 5 open GM positions with a stacked baseball resume to her name, and it took her years to find a job.

I don’t point this out to detract from Fuld, who is obviously smart and capable, but it’s an interesting contrast to make ourselves aware of nevertheless.

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