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Longtime WGN-TV sports editor Jack Rosenberg has died

He was our last living link to the glory days of Cubs baseball on WGN-TV.

Courtesy WGN-TV

For many years, you’d hear Jack Brickhouse thank “sports editor Jack Rosenberg” for all his help on Cubs baseball broadcasts on WGN-TV.

Jack Rosenberg, who was born May 21, 1926 in Peoria, passed away Monday, aged 94.

Rather than try to tell you the story of one of the great men of Chicago television history myself, I’m going to let longtime WGN-TV producer and executive Bob Vorwald tell “Rosey’s” story, with some incredible photos (some of which I ran in my tribute to WGN-TV’s 72 years of Cubs TV in September 2019):

To interrupt this story for just a moment, Vorwald’s right about that typewriter (seen in the photo above) being part of the “soundtrack of summer.” I can hear it in my mind, even now. The photo’s a real time capsule of a bygone era — typewriter, trenchcoat, pipe, fedora. I can’t sleuth the exact date, but it’s clearly a cold day — no leaves on the ivy, Rosenberg wearing a coat. The 1987 National League Green Book is sitting next to Jack — so April 1987 is my best guess.

As you can see from all the tweets (and I realize there are a lot of them, but the history they tell is well worth it!), Jack Rosenberg had a remarkable life, and he was one of the last living links to the Golden Era of Chicago television from the 1950s through the 1970s. We will never see the likes of it in local media again.

Sincere condolences to Jack’s family and friends.